Collection Uno

Our very first Collection is almost complete!  I am constantly designing and can't seem to shut it off!  This time I decided to take a little different approach.  I wanted to compile a set of unique pieces and debut them to you all!  L+J not only Inspire all that I do but actually had input in all of the new designs!! ;) I was a little rusty drafting my our patterns but sure enough-it all came back to me!  There was a lot of trial and error completing this collection.  The process and end result is always so rewarding. 

Most items are Unisex, However Leni suggested adding a skirt, dress and a new custom piece-"Mom can you write-'Girls Rule, Boys Drool' on the back of a jacket?"  Ha!  She also wanted the jacket slightly cropped with only 1 contrasting sleeve.  We love the end result!  June also had input.  He loves and lives in all the Boxy Tees I have made for him! I asked him what he wants me to make for him and he pointed to one of his Boxy Tees.  So they are back in a light denim and a new plaid perfect for warm days to come.

I am so excited to continue to bring new and innovative pieces!  I hope you all dig what we came up with.

L+J ♡ U