It has been a while since our last post.  We have been busy!  We recently participated in the first Kids Fashion Runway in London.  It was very exciting to see our looks on the cutest kid models who did amazing walking down the runway! We would love to do more runway shows! Totally our vibe!



Collection Uno

Our very first Collection is almost complete!  I am constantly designing and can't seem to shut it off!  This time I decided to take a little different approach.  I wanted to compile a set of unique pieces and debut them to you all!  L+J not only Inspire all that I do but actually had input in all of the new designs!! ;) I was a little rusty drafting my our patterns but sure enough-it all came back to me!  There was a lot of trial and error completing this collection.  The process and end result is always so rewarding. 

Most items are Unisex, However Leni suggested adding a skirt, dress and a new custom piece-"Mom can you write-'Girls Rule, Boys Drool' on the back of a jacket?"  Ha!  She also wanted the jacket slightly cropped with only 1 contrasting sleeve.  We love the end result!  June also had input.  He loves and lives in all the Boxy Tees I have made for him! I asked him what he wants me to make for him and he pointed to one of his Boxy Tees.  So they are back in a light denim and a new plaid perfect for warm days to come.

I am so excited to continue to bring new and innovative pieces!  I hope you all dig what we came up with.

L+J ♡ U

Denim Story

Spring/Summer Ready??? We are!

Bring on the sunshine:) We are so ready to pack up all these winter clothes.  I have been dreaming of Denim Everything.  Denim dresses, pants, jackets, tops and more! 

I absolutely love searching for fabrics! ( I spend a lot of time doing this) I have quite a collection including tons of Vintage Fabrics.  Here is a sneak peak at some of the amazing Batik Fabrics and Denim I will be working with for warmer days to come...

Are you guys ready for some amazing textures and designs perfect for Spring and Summer?  These will definitely add some pop to all that denim;)  Sunny days deserve tons of color and a splash of mixing patterns!! Can't wait!  Stay Tuned>>> 


Much Love for Two Little Lobos

A special thanks to Two Little Lobos from Leni and June!  These pups are styling and profiling straight out of New York.  If you are not following them on Instagram [@twolittlelobos] you are missing out!  Their mom styles them to a 'T' and provides a ton of inspiration for all littles!  Check out her Blog for more thrifty and super stylish ideas at http://www.twolittlelobos.com  

Leni and June are so grateful for all the support they have been receiving from Two Little Lobos and so many more on Instagram!  Thank you all!!  And stay tuned for much more to come!!

All Clothing Tested by Leni & June

So nice to have little toddler inspirations running around day in and out!  They truly inspire me to create all you see here and much more to come!  Since everything is made by me:)and only me, all items are Made to Order.  Also most items are limited stock as I am only working out of my house[kitchen, garage, living room] I do not carry tons of yardage.  All samples are tested by Leni and June!  This is great because I can go back to the drawing board to make adjustments when needed.  My goal is to provide true quality in every piece!